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Fall 2016 Style Focus Velvet

Breaking News!  Velvet is the hot trend for Fall 2016! Major stars and trendsetters alike are already embracing the newest fall trend of high fashion pieces in soft, luxurious velvet.  Velvet is hitting the runways and the street, making it an ideal time for everyone to join the trend where high style meets comfort. Fortunately […]

Trendy Black Dress

Model Wearing Trendy Black Dress Available at Green and Glamorous


Special Occasion 1

Pink Dress Top

Pink Dress Top

Spring 2015 Trends

The Spring 2015 fashion trends are here! Whether you want to pursue them, could care less about them, or avoid them all together; talk shows, stores, magazines and blogs are pumping them up every chance they get. It’s time to eliminate the fashions you have fallen out of bliss with and to enjoy the euphoria […]